Block Butchery School

Bringing a whole new experience to The Block, our Butchery Classes will introduce you to the art of Whole-Animal Butchery brought to you from our team of expert butchers.


For those interested in learning more about the art of meat fabrication and whole-animal butchery, we offer a variety of experiences. Whether you prefer to sick back, relax, and sip some wine while we expertly break down and prepare cuts off the whole animal, or get a little more hands-on, we have a class for you.

Chef's Table Demos

Intro to Butchery: $300/pp - Coming Soon
Join our butcher and chefs as we lead you through a whole-hog breakdown. Cuts from throughout our pork will be prepared by our chefs for you to enjoy expertly paired with selections from our bar. In addition to fresh cuts, you will also get a look into our charcuterie program to see how we work nose to tail. **Includes tasting and wine pairing**

Advanced Butchery Classes - Full Pork Breakdown ($500) - Coming Soon
This class runs for 6-7 hours and will take you through the entire breakdown of a side of pork. Will will cover butchery techniques, from fundamentals such as knife skills, to the advanced skills of skinning, seaming and deboning. This is an excellent option for anyone interested in looking to advance their butchery knowledge. (Max 2 People)

Hands-On Classes

First Classes Schedule for Wednesday 5/18 - 6PM

Pork Middle ($250pp)
Learn how to seam a tenderloin, pull ribs, cut pork chops and roll a porchetta. Students will learn all of the amazing cuts that come high off the hog and take a few home as well
Chicken Breakdown ($100pp)
Learning how to break down a whole chicken is a vital tool in any home cook's arsenal. In this class you will learn about the anatomy of the chicken, how to break it into its various parts, as well as skills such as deboning and tying.
Sausage Making ($125pp)
Grind, season, stuff and twist! This hands-on class is perfect for anyone interested in learning the science and technique behind making a delicious fresh sausage.
Pate en Croute ($125pp)
Make hot water dough, grind meat, season and bake! Students will learn how to make a show-stopping edible centerpiece for their next get-together.

**Please reach out to to sign up**