Pasture Raised

Block "Pasture Raised" Meats

Sourced from Local Farms and Butchered in House

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Premium Bone In Pork Chops


Premium Pork Chops (Bone In) Approx. 12-14 oz Portions

Premium Pork Porterhouse


Premium Pork Porterhouse(Bone In) Approx. 14 -16 oz Portions

Block Ground Beef


Ground Beef, All Natural Prime Chuck  80/20 Blend 1 lb portion

Block Bacon


Our Signature Block Bacon From 100% All Natural Duroc Pork Belly   Thick Cut, Sold in 1LB Portions

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Pasture Raised T Bone Pasture Raised T Bone

Pasture Raised T Bone


Bone-in Ribeye Roast


Bone in Ribeye Roast - Cut off the Bone and tied back on! Available in 3 or 4 Bone Rib...

Boneless Strip Roast


Boneless Strip Roast Approximately 3-4 LBS Prime All Natural Beef or Pasture Raised Beef      

Pork Rib Roast


Pasture Raised Center Cut Pork Rack Frenched and Tied back on Available in 4 or 8 Bone Rib Roasts  ...

Sirloin Spoon Roast - Pasture Raised


Pasture Raised Sirloin Spoon Roast Approximately 3 LBS      

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Rack of Lamb Rack of Lamb

Rack of Lamb


 Pasture Raised American Spring Rack of Lamb Half or Full Rack Available Approximately 2 - 2.25 LB Portion for Full...